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Author Topic: Scar Tissue  (Read 3191 times)
Craig Wilkey
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« on: May 08, 2012, 09:54:09 am »

     When you really come down to it, we are – all of us – just scar tissue. We are conjured into existence through the never-ending process of scarification. Whether it’s our flesh, muscle, emotional responses, or – as some would say – souls, the things that score us most deeply are the things that define us. Not all scars, of course, come from suffering. Pleasurable memories – even simple, innocuous memories – and thought processes are learned through carving patterns and pathways through our brains – the deeper those cuts, the more prevalent the scars, the more indelible the memories.

     Suffering is simply the flip-side of pleasure. Regardless of whether I have a soul, given to me by a creator God, and this life is a precious gift from that God… or I have a soul, and I have elected to return to this plane, through the act of reincarnation, because I was not quite ready to let go of my attachment to it my last time around… or there is no such thing as a soul, and this is the one, glorious chance I have to live… I plan on making the most of it and experiencing all this corporeal, sensual, passionate, beautiful existence has to offer me. Part and parcel with experiencing life is fully experiencing and appreciating suffering, along with pleasure.

     I refuse to follow the example of so many before me who sought solace from pain and suffering – whether through religion, suicide, denial, or that reasonable facsimile of life so many bury themselves in.

     Give me pain. Give me suffering. I will take them along with pleasure and joy – but not just as a necessary evil of life, as another aspect of life to fully experience, and remind me that I’m alive in a physical existence that offers me such extremes to revel in.

     Suffering is inevitable. Suffering, however, is not negative. It’s not something to hide from – nor, however, is it something to dwell in. Just as with pleasure, suffering is to be experienced, learned from, released and remembered. Sensuality, regardless of the form it takes, is my teacher, guide and confidant. Sensuality is life. Our countless scars are ever-present reminders of that fact.

     I aim to live my life and die with as many scars as I can.
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