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Who Wants a Voice?

     TheITSkeptic and I had another interesting interaction last night – into this morning – that I wanted to talk about a bit…

     Those of you who follow his work are likely aware of his campaign to “Free ITIL” by urging the OGC to release it under the Open Government Licensing Office (here’s why).

     It started with a tweet from TheITSkeptic:
Someone has to govern the #ITIL brand to keep all users honest. But they should be free to use it honestly.

     I applaud TheITSkeptic for his efforts, and I think his cause is a noble one. If you agree with him, I whole-heartedly encourage you to sign his petition.

     The reason you do not see my name listed on it, however, is that I am not convinced that it is necessary. In my response to him I called into question his first assumption, that ITIL needs to be a governed, protected “brand”.
     In the course of my relatively lengthy twitter discussion with him, which included Gregory Tucker (whom I get the impression agrees with TheITSkeptic’s cause) I said:
…If the crown wants to keep ITIL, let her. Let #ITSM evolve naturally, w/out gatekeepers, owned by no Body. #OpenIT

     A bit more back and forth essentially revolved around me saying that there should be an open, accessible knowledge base for ITSM professionals to use that will reflect and guide the evolving body of knowledge (much like I urged for back in November, with my post Where is the "Forum" in IT Service Management Forum?) and him responding that people have tried and failed, so it’s obviously not going to happen.

     I refuse to accept this defeatist approach. The fact that nobody has yet accomplished this is not, in any way, an indication that it cannot, or will not, be accomplished.

     Regardless of whether or not ITIL is freed from the shackles of strict copyright protection, this is necessary. I know other ITSM professionals are aching for it – and whatever organization is willing and able to take up this gauntlet will be a hero in their eyes, and in mine. As I tweeted just the other day:
In the ever-changing frontier of #ITSM, are you following ITIL or are you #Leading #ITIL? The books can't keep pace - you NEED to!

     We, the community of ITSM practitioners, need to lead ITIL. We need to set the example, come up with the new innovations and improve the approaches that will be the material for the next ITIL refresh. ITIL needs to follow us!
     The only way to do that is to come together and communicate openly, effectively and efficiently.
     We need an easy to use, easy to search, comprehensive, attractive, effective forum.
     I aim to find someone with the capabilities, resources, reach & influence to pull this off, and I am to convince them to provide it for us.

     One of the last tweets to me from TheITSkeptic this morning said:
I very much look forward to being proved wrong…

     So do I, Rob.
     Who’s with me?

March 01, 2011, 09:30:22 am

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