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The End of My Career

Just about twenty years ago, I got my first “real” job in IT (the first one worth keeping on my resume). I didn’t love IT, but it was fun enough – and I just happened to be very good at it. Plus, it paid significantly better than any other job I was...

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Do you have a corporate taxonomy? Probably not.

How many times have you been asked about your "Corporate Taxonomy"?
I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts you don't have one.

Do you know what a taxonomy is? Can you explain how it differs from an ontology? How about the difference between a ta...

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Three is a Magic Number – The Power of Tension Metrics

So, there was a brief Twitter exchange a few weeks back, in which one IT Service Management professional was calling another ITSM professional out on the claim that, “If you improve 1st call resolution, I guarantee you'll improve customer satisfaction.”

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Machine Consciousness: Just a matter of Information Integration?

A while back, Matthew Davidson wrote an article for The Conversation (a unique and interesting site that functions in the space somewhere...

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The Next Evolution in Knowledge Management: Wisdom Mapping

I created this eight-minute video in part for work, and in part because I got tired of people asking me what I did for a living, and not being able to answer them.

So, this is my job: Wisdom...

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