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The Ultimate Objective of Knowledge Management

Ask most IT Service Management professionals about the objective of Knowledge Management and they will respond with some variation on the theme of "Getting the right information to the right person in the right place at the right time".
I don't think ...

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Apopheniphbia Awareness Campaign Launch

Apophenia is the propensity to see patterns in random data. It was first coined in 1958 by Klaus Conrad a German neurologist and psychiatrist who, perhaps a little ironically, was attempting to identify early indicators of psychosis.
An apophany...

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Knowledge Management's Job: Eliminate Knowledge Management

When you mention Knowledge Management to most people, they think of the knowledge base.

To be sure, building, cultivating and maintaining a comprehensive knowledge base is a critical part of Knowledge Management, but its just one piece of...

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Please STOP Measuring Transactional CSAT!

     For the better part of two decades, I have bristled against using Transactional Customer Satisfaction scores (CSAT) to measure the performance of Customer Service Case Managers (Incident Managers, Incident Analysts, call them what you will I mean th...

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Discussion around a glass of water...

(This is definitely more general philosophy than Service Management, but I think it fits better here than in my General Ramblings blog section.)

Pessimist: This glass is half empty.

Optimist: It's half full!


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